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Cotton Rope Bowls & Trivets

I stumbled on these lovelies awhile back while in Austin & am thrilled to finally add them to our product line. The Foxes Tail is an Austin based small business specializing in creating sustainable products through upcycling & using made in the USA materials whenever possible. I love that about them! Several of their bowls have found homes around our house & I smile whenever I lay my eyeballs on them. Upon first glance, they appear to be home decor from another time. Vintage if you will. Yet, they are newly made & are versatile enough to fit in any modern day kitchen & home. Use the trivet as an actual trivet or turn it into a wall hanging. The fabric wrapped bowls & trivets are vibrant & unique. There is no right or wrong here. Use them any way you please. Just use them! Turquoise Fabric Wrapped Cotton Rope Bowl



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