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Cotton Rope Bowls & Trivets

I stumbled on these lovelies awhile back while in Austin & am thrilled to finally add them to our product line. The Foxes Tail is an Austin based small business specializing in creating sustainable products through upcycling & using made in the USA materials whenever possible. I love that about them! Several of their bowls have found homes around our house & I smile whenever I lay my eyeballs on them. Upon first glance, they appear to be home decor from another time. Vintage if you will. Yet, they are newly made & are versatile enough to fit in any modern day kitchen & home. Use the trivet as an actual trivet or turn it into a wall hanging. The fabric wrapped bowls & trivets are vibrant & unique. There is no right or wrong here. Use them any way you please. Just use them! Turquoise Fabric Wrapped Cotton Rope Bowl Continue reading Cotton Rope Bowls & Trivets

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New Soy Candles in the house!

Candles like incense are an important part of Home Decor in our home. I find the right candles to be an integral finishing touch to a space whether it be a cozy nook or a high traffic area. They can certainly elicit feelings of serenity for me. Plus, smell is such a big part of the whole experience. This new candle line from Stylish Rustic Living, an Austin area 100% organic soy candle line has me feeling happy. I get really excited to light these lovelies up & let the fragrant, but not over-powering scents transport me to feeling relaxed & content to be at home. Nice & cozy…

Oak Moss 8 oz Soy Candle Tin

Fall Leaves 8 oz Soy Candle Tin

The candle tins can be re-purposed to hold treasures or to even hold jewelry when you take a trip. Pop some earrings, bracelets, necklaces in your toiletry bag & Ta-Da! Off you go! I like the look of them too. The tins can easily co-mingle among contemporary, eclectic, rustic & coastal decor. As for the glass jar, it reminds me of the days when I was a kid & milk was delivered to my grandparents front door in glass jars. They are beautiful & you can turn them into flower vases once you have burned the candle.


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Hand-printed Totes Bags from Austin

Totes! We can never have too many of these. Today it seems our hats, t-shirts & bags are a statement about what is on our mind. People who know me expect to see me wearing a t-shirt or baseball cap with some endorsement of my home state of Texas all over it. These cute cute CUTE tote bags from a company in Austin have my daughter, Audrey & I going oooohhhhh cuuuute! Audrey owns the Hedgehog tote & stuffs just about everything she owns in it. These totes are for us adults too. I especially love the eyeglass wearing Hipster Hamster. Cute Cute CUTE!!!