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Cotton Rope Bowls & Trivets

I stumbled on these lovelies awhile back while in Austin & am thrilled to finally add them to our product line. The Foxes Tail is an Austin based small business specializing in creating sustainable products through upcycling & using made in the USA materials whenever possible. I love that about them! Several of their bowls have found homes around our house & I smile whenever I lay my eyeballs on them. Upon first glance, they appear to be home decor from another time. Vintage if you will. Yet, they are newly made & are versatile enough to fit in any modern day kitchen & home. Use the trivet as an actual trivet or turn it into a wall hanging. The fabric wrapped bowls & trivets are vibrant & unique. There is no right or wrong here. Use them any way you please. Just use them! Turquoise Fabric Wrapped Cotton Rope Bowl Continue reading Cotton Rope Bowls & Trivets

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Funny & sarcastic, yet heartfelt ceramic Planters & Mugs

I have a cabinet full of beautiful, fancy pants mugs, but I usually drink my coffee from the same small rotation. This $16 mug is definitely in the rotation and holds about 2 cups of coffee. I measured just for you guys. It’s a substantial pour and I enjoy holding the handle while cradling the opposite side, as I bring the hot steaming mug up to my coffee addicted lips. It’s precious to me people and I’m heartfelt about my feelings.


Visit the website to see another funny, sarcastic and heartfelt mug for yourself or for the people in your life. We all need mugs to survive people.



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Leather Cord Holder handmade in Austin

I found this Austin based handmade item by accident while searching for some holiday gifts last December. I immediately purchased a few, took them home & proceeded to grab my loose electronic ear bud cords to try this jobber out. I love it!

Who has the time or desire to wind the cord up & wrap it within itself to make it look nice & neat? Not moi. It irritates me. I also don’t like having my cord full of knots. Again, call me quirky. This takes a few quick seconds to wrap around 4 fingers & then sit inside the leather holder, button it & TA DA… Done!

The cord holder is big enough to spot if you forget where you left your cord too! I forget frequently where I left mine & white really blends in when you need to find them in a hurry. You need this people.