About Laudrey Rose

The older I get, the more it seems that I revert back to “the olden days” of macramé, incense, ottomans, funky pottery & 1970’s fashion & home decor. My daughter Audrey is blossoming into a creative, musical, vintage appreciator, yet an original & stylish young person who has her finger on the pulse of current popular trends.

However, I am grateful that she appreciates & embraces some of what I love from my childhood. I find myself exposing her to my incredible generation of funky textiles, concert t-shirts, classic & folk rock, earth tones decor & classic television shows.
Home Décor in our home is a statement about who we are, where we came from & the nostalgic & carefree moments that we look to surround ourselves with every day. Why can’t we mix in some of our past with our present & have small bits of happiness all over our home?

A native Texan with roots in the small town of Dripping Springs which is located just West of Austin. After a nearly 25 year absence, the town, as well as Austin have changed.  However, I am thrilled to see that the area continues to be an eclectic, environmentally conscious, supporting local, fun & friendly group of people. Audrey & I have the best time exploring all of my old stomping grounds & the entire area continues to be full of wildly interesting places if you know where to look. I have found handmade, unique, practical, fun & if I do say so, MUST have products to share with you. Many of them were found by happy accident & all are from Texas & a few other parts of the U.S.

I hope you come to love the products I am sharing with you as much as Audrey & I do in our home.