About Laudrey Rose

The older I get, the more it seems that I revert back to “the olden days” of macramé, incense, ottomans, funky pottery & 1970’s fashion & home decor. My daughter Audrey is blossoming into a creative, musical, vintage, yet original & stylish young person who has her finger on the pulse of current popular trends.

However, I am grateful that she appreciates & embraces some of what I love from my childhood. I find myself exposing her to my incredible generation of funky textiles, concert t-shirts, classic & folk rock, earth tones decor & classic television shows.
Home Décor in our home is a statement about who we are, where we came from & the nostalgic & carefree moments that we look to surround ourselves with every day. Why can’t we mix in some of our past with our present?

A native Texan with roots in a sweet little town called Dripping Springs, located just West of Austin, or as some folks say, “West of Weird.” I have returned home after a nearly 25 year absence. I am thrilled to see what my old community continues to be, an eclectic, environmentally conscious, supporting local, fun & friendly group of people. Audrey & I have the best time exploring my old stomping grounds. The area continues to be full of wildly interesting places if you know where to look. Audrey & I have found some unique, practical, fun & if I say so, MUST have products to share with you. Many of them were found by happy accident. Read our comments located underneath each product description & there will be extra commentary from us about the product. I promise it will be entertaining & very helpful!
Call us eclectic throwbacks, but so far it’s working out just fine in the house of Laudrey Rose.

We hope you come to love the products we are sharing with you as much as we do.

Your Friendly Girlfriends,