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This tote is hand-printed in Austin, TX. This tote is an original design by an Austin, TX artist and is hand-printed on 100% cotton. There is no gusset at the bottom. The artist is an animal lover and many of the animals featured on this tote bag line are based on actual animals from various animal rescues and sanctuaries around the country. *Cleaning Instructions: Hand wash cold and hang dry. Do not machine wash. The cotton fabric is made to be easily washable by hand. For stains, use stain removers. Do not iron. **The following is a description by the artist:There are many benefits to neutering your dog: eliminating cancer risks, avoiding breeding (because we all know how many amazing pets are already looking for homes in shelters) and reducing the need for unwanted behaviors due to testosterone. Then there is the cosmetic reason- balls look ridiculous! Seriously, they just hang there like little dice from a rear-view mirror. No one wants to see that! So, stop embarrassing your dog by letting his balls hang out in the open for everyone to see and neuter that pooch. ***And my two sense is that I totally agree about hanging balls. Handle your dog’s ball business people! 

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